Liquid Damage Repair

These are before and after images of metal solder points, components, chips to a laptop motherboard, exposed to a liquid spill after a potted plant tipped over on the keyboard. The images show how oxidation (The flaky substance that looks as if it was spilled onto the board) has taken place within the metal components. This oxidation will eat through the solder & metal, breaking contact between components and the board itself. It can even damage chips requiring replacements. This is what causes a computer to stop working after a spill. In order to properly and fully correct the problem, the soldier in most cases, has to be removed and refreshed or the problem will re-emerge. Sometimes even the component or chip has to be replaced.
  Different spills cause different symptoms. Some computers stop working immediately, then work again after a day or two. Then, stop working again. That’s because the liquid shorts metal electrical components initially. After time allows the liquid to evaporate, the computer comes back to life, but the metal has already been affected by oxidation. Over time, the oxidation is spreading, eating at these metal components. Finally, circuits begin to break down and fail. Sometimes, if you wait too long, it can eat into the tracers layered within the board causing extensive internal board damage and costly repair. 
   As you can see, it’s important to have your computer brought in immediately to reverse liquid damage. Time causes the damage to intensify. We successfully repair boards damaged this way all the time. It’s much cheaper than buying a new computer and will save you the headache of losing your data, configuration and programs you’ve accumulated over time.