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So, you’ve started noticing your MacBook slowing down? Maybe you’ve had some recent software updates and now your iMac is not working. Maybe you’ve contacted Apple Genius Bar and determined that you have a dead logic board. No sweat. Bring your Apple computer by our Mandeville repair shop and let us run a full diagnostic report to get you all fixed up! We fix ALL APPLE COMPUTERS.

Logic Board Repair

Does your Apple computer have a faulty or dead logic board? On many occasions, Apple authorized service centers will simply tell you that it can’t be repaired. Future Speed PC offers Mac repair for a fraction of the cost!

Spill / Liquid Damage

We’re not here to judge. Accidents happen. If you’ve spilled something on your MacBook laptop or it has been exposed to water, we can help. Contact us immediately for Mac repair. Critical steps can help reduce damage and save your data.

Battery Replacement

MacBook batteries are one of the most common parts to wear down. They slowly stop taking charge and slow performance. Typically, this happens after about 1000 battery cycles. We'll replace your MacBook battery - getting your Mac back to lightning speeds!

Cracked & Broken Screens

Did you crush your MacBook in your bag or drop it and now have a broken screen? MacBook screens are tricky to replace. Not really a DIY repair. No problem. Future Speed PC in Mandeville can repair your MacBook screen – drop it off broken and pick it up fixed!

What Mandeville Customers Are Saying...

Anthony provided me with one day service and I found out that I did not have the problem I thought I had and in the end no problem at all. His professionalism left me knowing that I will not look elsewhere in the future if a problem occurs. Thanks very much for your honest approach and help.

Russell Smith


Anthony went beyond my expectations in fixing my computer, changing out my hard drive and explaining everything he did. He was patient with my questions. I will definitely use him again and would recommend him to friends and neighbors. This is really the best place to have your Mac repaired!

Amy Banta


Anthony updated our ancient iMac. The update was accomplished quickly. It has not worked this well in years. He was very patient in explaining the updates. I would definitely recommend Future Speed PC and Anthony to anyone needing this service.

Paul Martin


Anthony, the man who runs this business, is a highly-skilled and very professional small business owner. What impressed me the most is that Anthony actively tried to do the best repair possible without passing on additional costs to me. I found what he charged to be not only fair, but less expensive then other repair shops in the area. He is the first person you should call for laptop repairs on the Northshore.

Matthew Jays


I was so happy to find Anthony!!! Now I have a go to person to help me with my computer. No more Apple store for me!!! Yes!! He takes the time to help you understand problem and come up with a solution and will get you back working again very quickly. He helped my mother too. Same great service.

Marie Hillman


Professional Laptop Battery Replacement

Quality Matters. Laptop batteries are more complex than most people think. We are probably one of very few or the only computer repair shop in Mandeville, Louisiana; maybe even within the state that has a Professional Laptop Battery Analyzer. We use these analyzers in unique cases while diagnosing tricky charging issues in which a computer just behaves bizarrely with the battery it’s using. The analyzer can confirm to us whether or not the battery has an issue and might be causing problems. If you’re experiencing random shutdowns, your computer is holding a very short-lived charge, you have to keep the power plug inserted to keep your laptop on, you notice the charge dropping quickly or it never reaches 100% charge, bring it by and let us take a good look at it. We will give your entire charging system (Charging adapter, computer, battery) a full diagnosis and report it to you with the solution before you authorize any work.

Anthony Stowe - PC/MAC Repairman

Future-Proof Your MAC

Smart MacBook Repairs & Upgrades

MacBooks have issues with their logic boards. Unfortunately, quite frequently. MacBook Air & MacBook Pro. Apple store’s Genius Bar will usually charge you to replace the entire logic board which usually costs upwards to over a thousand dollars. We can usually fix a logic board, have the Mac repaired with more reliable chips than it was manufactured with & within a faster turn-around all at a fraction of the cost to replace it. Our logic board repairs typically range from $65 to $600. Most Mac repairs average around the $260 ballpark. This is another repair that saves you from spending $1,100 to more than $3,000 on a new MacBook.

We also replace MacBook Pro & MacBook Air batteries and screens. Liquid damage repairs are one of our specialties as well. Malware and viruses are quickly becoming a problem and we are known to eliminate and prevent threats with Mac computers. So far, MalwareBytes is the best antimalware & threat removal software on the market for mac computers. It works well too. We perform iMac and Mac Mini repairs and performance enhancements as well. Sluggish performance is typical with those machines.

We offer internal storage upgrades on all machines that are applicable. Otherwise, we can provide external storage solutions or suggest cloud storage services to expand. Some customers do not want to rely on cloud storage solutions.

Come by and see me. Our shop in Mandeville, LA is easy to find. We’re in the Brookside Office Park Suite 11.

Anthony Stowe - Computer Technician & Owner Future Speed PC
Anthony Stowe
Owner • Computer Technician

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