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Anthony Stowe Future Speed PCFuture Speed PC should be your #1 choice, Mandeville LA computer repair service. Anthony Stowe has been a computer repair technician since 2001 and started Future Speed PC in 2008. Obviously, an experienced technician should be your first choice when you need help with your computer or device. There’s a reason Future Speed PC has grown exponentially in Mandeville. Great service, support, accurate diagnosis, seeking out potential & future threats that can hinder your computer’s performance or life-span, etc… Because we go the extra mile to make sure youre happy and well taken care of, we have grown by word of mouth. If you want to avoid inadequate service and blowing your money, choose us. 



(Anthony Stowe | Computer Repair Technician & Owner)

Introduction To My Services

Computer Repair Service By Future Speed PC

Computer technology has changed, but there are just as many issues with computers now as there has ever been. It’s ironic, because sometimes people who own Mac computers boast about how they got their Mac because they are so much more reliable. The same is true for Windows owners. Realistically, both platforms have about the same amount of problems. No matter what kind of computer you have; If you have been burned in the past by shabby service, it hurts your confidence in your machine all the same. You can rely on Future Speed PC to come through on top. We persistently strive to provide accurate computer repair solutions the first go-round, no matter what problem you are having out of your computer. It’s simple; My years of experience is fully implemented in every service. No cutting corners. Avoid any inexperienced run-around and visit us first. We won’t let you down.

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Computer Service

  • Computer Repair: I believe that I offer the most thorough Mandeville LA computer repair service. I have the experience to provide accurate diagnostics and repairs on your computer. It can be an HP, ASUS, ACER, Lenovo, etc… AnyLaptop Computer Repair Mandeville LA computer, any time. No matter the brand. I specialize in MAC and Windows operating systems. Desktops and Laptops. I can have it working like new again.
  • Malware & Virus Removal: Malware can be tricky at times. If you are using an antivirus software, you might experience something slip through that cannot be removed or quarantined by your software. I can remove it for you. There are several different methods I can take to remove any threats and traces of it’s presence. I will comb the files it originates in, registry and related devices to assure proper and total removal. This way, it won’t come back. Nearly 1 million malware threats are produced daily. Don’t feel bad if it happens to you. I will save or recover your important files and have your computer back up running like it never happened.
  • Monitor | Screen Replacements: If you have ever experienced your computer screen go completely dark, you know it can be a confusing problem. Monitor failure doesn’t mean you have to buy a new monitor in many cases. You might have a problem with the graphics chip-set on your computer. It could be a glitch in the software running it. There are also moments where the monitor screen itself just needs to be replaced and not the entire monitor. Diagnosing the problem first can save you a lot of downtime and costs. Call me first. I can even get you a great price on a new one if needed.
  • Wireless Range Enhancements: Do you have a computer that does not run well on a wireless network? It actually runs great, except when you get on the internet.Online, it’s slow, choppy and takes forever to load a webpage. Even some computer programs malfunction due to their dependency on an internet connection. Don’t worry. Even if a PC is in a separate guest house or you have dead spots within your home, I have the right solutions that will work for you. Contact me first to get it fixed right the first time.
  • Custom Desktop PC Builds: Do you use your PC for graphic intense purposes, word processing, gaming or even just browsing the internet? Maybe you use if for all of that and more! Maybe less… Did you know that you can save a lot of money and hassle by having your PC built, tailored to your needs?  Instead of making a trip to your nearest big-box store that will sell you a computer loaded with resource-consuming bloatware and unwanted, preinstalled programs, contact me. I build a computer that has an operating system and software that you want installed. Nothing more and nothing less. This insures optimal PC performance which means more speed and less storage consumption. Also a custom built computer doesn’t sit on a shelf for a year or two before being sold. This assures the latest and greatest in technology and hardware. Extending the length of usage you get out of your computer. Lets find out what it is you need and make sure that’s what you get. Not too much or too little. Just right for you or who you plan on giving it to.
  • Performance Enhancements, Rebuilds & Upgrades: If you currently have a desktop PC, there is a decent possibility it can be upgraded or rebuilt to perform exactly like a new model. Many people will throw their computer away simply because it is slow or not performing. You may be able to save a lot of money by having it upgraded to today’s standards instead of buying a new one. You may have also come across a scenario in which your PC does not meet the minimum requirements to perform a task you need, operate specific hardware or run a particular program. I have solutions. Call me before spending hundreds or thousands on a new machine. Chances are I can have your PC up to par.
  • Modified Storage | Emergency Data Retrieval Back-Up and Restoration Solutions: Need more storage and back-up Computer Repair Mandeville LAsolutions without placing and setting up external hard drives all over the place? If you do, it can be done without having to buy an external piece of hardware at all. Also, if you have accidentally deleted something you didn’t want to, you are not alone my friend. It happens a lot. It’s something I come across often. I can help you retrieve that data and restore it in many cases. If deleted, there is not a 100% guaranteed solution, but it is worth a try if your data is important to you. Depending on how the media, information or data was lost, there is a chance it can be recovered. Did you know that having a virus on your PC doesn’t mean that all of your saved data, media or work is lost? Even if it won’t start or boot. Unless the hard drive is damaged beyond repair, I can probably recover your data. Make your life easier and get in touch with me to get you fixed up and running again.
  • Accessories: Keyboards, mice, monitors, multiple monitor solutions, webcams, back-up drives, speakers, headsets, office chair solutions, comfort solutions, Desktop and Laptop cooling solutions, lighting, and much more. I know how to find the right accessory at the right price. I also know how to resolve a lot of those irritating issues many people experience around their computer space. Whether it has to do with comfort, production, necessities, luxuries or convenience, I have connections with vendors that can provide accessories that big-box stores just don’t have room on their shelves for. Contact Me.

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Network & Wifi Service

  • WiFi Generation 6 Networking: WiFi has just undergone a major upgrade. Not to be confused with G5 networking for mobile platforms, but for in-home/business WiFi. This upgrade is critical to the demand we are putting on our wireless routers and modems. Multiple device usage is on the increase and to have it perform solid, generation 6 WiFi standards have been introduced to consumers to stabilize the need for speed and network load. We are accepting this technology with wide, open arms and providing upgrades to business and residents throughout the North Shore area. This upgrade is huge. Just check out this wiki explanation by clicking here.
  •   Networking: I provide quality Mandeville LA computer repair service as well as network and Wi-Fi solutions. Wi-Fi or not, chances are, you have experienced some kind of network issue in your time you’ve used computers or mobile devices. Network issues usually come at a bad time. If you are having trouble connecting to other computers or mobile devices, sharing files or media, getting internet or connecting to Wi-Fi, I can repair or set up the right network solution for you. Contact me and I can have you connected in no time.
  • Wi-Fi: Wi-Fi can give you issues and you won’t even know it’s the Wi-Fi. Wi-Fi is broadcast, typically through radio frequency.Wireless Internet Repair With that being said, radio frequency (RF) breaks down in signal strength the farther out it is broadcast until the signal is no longer. This is why your home or business has strong internet or signal connection closer to your wireless router than the opposite side of the building it is in. There are several ways to correct or enhance Wi-Fi signal strength. One of the most popular ways is to purchase a Wi-Fi range extender. They usually cost around $45 to $120, depending on what brand and it’s intended use. You may not need an extender. Sometimes, just your wireless router’s configuration can be tweaked to provide a more stable signal across a large coverage area. Your computer or mobile device could be the culprit as well. I have had a lot of service calls with customers that spend a lot of money trying to fix it themselves without any prevail. Let me find out what it is you really need before you stress, make any changes or waist money.
  • Wireless Internet: If you have internet, most likely, you have some type of wireless internet connection. Internet service providers (ISP) include it with your internet package these days. Wireless internet is a delicate protocol that requires a solid range and signal to work on. Internet speed slows down the farther away you are from your wireless router or modem. If you’re experiencing dropped Wi-Fi or loss of internet, do not try to fix it over the phone with your internet service provider. There are so many reasons why it could be happening that you can spend hours on the phone and end up with no solution. It needs to be diagnosed on-site and by a professional. I have lots of experience as well as lots of options to make sure you have a strong internet signal and stay connected. If you need any set-up or solution, I’m your guy. Contact me.
  • Smart TV & Video Streaming: If you have purchased a smart TV and have problems streaming video, I can fix it with a wide range of solutions to make sure your issue is resolved. That also goes for any other device or computer. Just get in touch with me.
  • Online Gaming Solutions: Average Wi-Fi connections and network configurations just don’t cut it if your in it to win it. There are so many factors that come into wireless internet signal interference in most homes. Wireless phones, microwaves, baby monitors, wireless entertainment systems, etc. Even if you have a slightly damaged or outdated modem, router, Ethernet cable, you can experience major connection issues. You need a network set-up that will deliver performance. Believe it or not, even your computer’s hardware and software specs and configuration have a lot to do with your online gaming experience. Whether it’s Wi-Fi or Cat-5 cable connected, I have the right solution to insure the best and fastest connection possible in your online gaming experience.

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Windows & MAC Support

Mac Repair, MACBOOK REPAIR, ChromeBook Repair and Computer Repair Service For Windows PC

We provide quality Mac repair services, MacBook Logic Board Repair, Chromebook repair & PC. Including Microsoft Surface Pro, iMac, MacBook, Mac Pro & Mac Mini. Anything from their accessories to their software to their internal hardware. If you have a computer problem, rely on a fix-it-all kinda guy. That is convenience. Give me a call for more information. All kinds of love for Chromebook repair, Mac repair and Windows PC repair in one convenient place.

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  • Custom Builds: Lots of big box stores have market branded PCs that they display for gaming. Even the online genre use aliens and storms, etc… to advertise their builds. Let me clear the air by saying that they have some pretty machines on images and yes, they are game worthy, but at a larger price than just money. With that said, I have studied my competition and can assure you that I can get a lot more bang for your buck without losing the aesthetics. Not only can I optimize what you get out of your investment, but also how long your PC will game before it needs upgrading. That’s right. Most retailers spend as little money as possible to mass produce prefabbed gaming rigs to make as much profit as possible. My methodology in gaming rig building is future proofing 1st. You want your PC to run the latest games for at least 5 years. Right? It would be nice to stretch it even farther. If your going to spend the money, make it last to it’s outer-most limitations. Most of my gaming customers come to me for upgrades after their prefabbed PC reaches just a few years old. Many times sooner. This is common. Don’t settle for a PC that will not perform and last exactly the way you want or expect. Advertisement is something a lot of people fall for and lose out on performance and longevity by selecting prefabbed PCs. Not thinking about whether that PC will cut the grade a few years down the road when gaming evolves so fast. Wether you need a budget gaming rig that smokes it’s competition or you need me to consult with you first and lay out a plan for your dream PC and get exactly what you want, future proofing your gaming rig should be a priority when buying a new gaming PC. Be happy AND smart. Get a professional to recommend and build exactly what you need and want.
  • Repairs: My services include, but are not limited to the following:
    • Coolant LeaksMandeville LA Computer Repair Service Gaming
    • Random Freezing | Restarting
    • Graphical Artifacts
    • Glitching
    • Choppy Animation
    • Performance Issues
    • Low FPS
    • Suspected Overheating
    • Black Screen During Game-Play | Load
    • Will Not Start | Power On
    • Will Not Pass POST
    • Noise
    • Fine Tuning
    • Over-Clocking
    • AND MORE
  • Enhancements & Rebuilds: Taking what you have and making it better is not only a smart move, but a great  money saver! There are components within your gaming rig that can be replaced or upgraded to make it a new gaming PC again or even better. Simple newer technological enhancements that can free bottle-necking and make your older machine run with the big boys again, rejuvenate and increase performance on a very noticeable scale . Imagine that. Plus, you don’t have to even touch your operating system and data stored on your gaming rig in most cases. That means all of those hours of game-play and installed games won’t go anywhere. It will all be there when you get your PC back. And you’ll be able to play the newest games on the market again. There are always solutions out there. Make sure you have a professional like me take a look at what you have and make the right analysis. With the right adjustments, you can get that new ripping-fast, gaming rig smell again.
  • Graphics & Increased Gaming Experience: Ready for VR? Looking into increasing the visual real-estate your current monitor just doesn’t have? Need better FPS and graphical performance? If any of those questions are viable, I have the solution. Most people weigh heavily on their graphics card as a solution. Sometimes memory. Although they do increase performance, it may not be the correct solution to give you a better gaming experience. There are so many new technological developments that can be applied to gaming rigs that will increase performance and enhance graphics without even touching a graphics card or memory. Before you make any changes or spend more money, consult with me first so I can make the right recommendations or changes.



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