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You love your Chromebook…but you’ve started noticing some performance issues. It’s started to slow down and seems to take longer to perform tasks. Or maybe you’ve cracked your screen. We are here to help. Future Speed PC offers quality Chromebook repairs and upgrades– FAST & AFFORDABLE.

Virus / Malware Removal

Did you get a nasty little virus from a clever email or from a malicious website? Future Speed PC can help with expedited virus removal service. We can also set you up with custom configured virus and malware protection to help prevent this from happening again.

Slow Boot / Not Starting

No one likes to wait. Especially when you have work to do and need your computer to speed up. Whether you are experiencing a sluggish boot, slow computer operation, or can’t get your computer to turn on at all, the computer experts at Future Speed PC can help.

Computer Screen Repair

Oops! Did you just drop your computer? If you’re suffering from a busted, cracked, or other screen failure, stop in at Future Speed PC. We'll take care of your computer like it's our own by gently repairing your Chromebook screen. You'll be like new again.

Spill / Liquid Damage

We’re not here to judge. Accidents happen. If you’ve spilled something on your laptop or it has been exposed to water, we can help. Contact us immediately after the incident to get your Chromebook repaired. Critical steps can help reduce damage and save your data.

What Mandeville Customers Are Saying...

Laptop started acting up on Friday AM, so I took it to Anthony. He diagnosed issue, gave me an estimate, and had it ready by Saturday afternoon. Even helped with re-installing some of my programs. All for a reasonable price. I am only semi computer literate, which has made others roll their eyes and smirk at my lack of knowledge, but not Anthony. Professional, competent, reasonably price, and courteous.

Josephine Bienvenu


Great service for Chromebooks and laptops, great business, great communication, knowledgeable and gets the job done right! Very happy with the Chromebook repair that was done. I would highly recommend Anthony and the team at Future Speed PC.

Daniel Stewart


Anthony was great to work with. He was transparent and fair with pricing, and when the issue with my laptop wasn't resolved with the approach that we initially discussed (as it was a bit of a mystery), he took it back and and worked on it until he got to the bottom of it. My laptop has been working great ever since- no more issues! I was very happy with Anthony & Future Speed PC, and I would recommend him to anyone!

Jennifer McCarthy


Anthony at Future Speed PC has helped me on multiple occasions. Each time, he has gone above and beyond to not only solve whatever my needs, but to also inform and educate me on related matters. He knows computers inside and out. I recently purchased a used laptop from him, and it performs as well as or better than any new laptop or PC I've ever purchased...

Nick Waguespack


Future Speed PC was available for same day service when others were not, communicated very clearly the issue after an exhaustive diagnostic, and the fees and expenses were very reasonable. Would use again.

Taylor Hewgley


Professional Laptop Battery Replacement

Quality Matters. Laptop batteries are more complex than most people think. We are probably one of very few or the only computer repair shop in Mandeville, Louisiana; maybe even within the state that has a Professional Laptop Battery Analyzer. We use these analyzers in unique cases while diagnosing tricky charging issues in which a computer just behaves bizarrely with the battery it’s using. The analyzer can confirm to us whether or not the battery has an issue and might be causing problems. If you’re experiencing random shutdowns, your computer is holding a very short-lived charge, you have to keep the power plug inserted to keep your laptop on, you notice the charge dropping quickly or it never reaches 100% charge, bring it by and let us take a good look at it. We will give your entire charging system (Charging adapter, computer, battery) a full diagnosis and report it to you with the solution before you authorize any work.

Anthony Stowe - PC/MAC Repairman

Future-Proof Your Chromebook

Make Smart Repairs & Upgrades

We handle a large variety of computer repairs. We diagnose business, casual, school and gaming computers. Mac, Windows & Chromebook machines. Anything from computers that turn on but won’t do anything else to computers that won’t turn on at all. Computers with cracked screens, performance problems, liquid damage, battery issues and broken keys. We also recover lost data. Anything accidentally deleted to failed storage drives. Computer died? In most cases, we can get your data off that too. We provide storage solutions and performance upgrades that really make a difference and save you a lot of your hard-earned money. Don’t throw away your computer until you have contacted us first!

We perform a wide range of specialty services too. We provide threat removal and prevention solutions. We’re also a full turn-key Mac repair company. We service Microsoft Surface products as well. Yes… Chromebook repairs too. Is your MacBook Air or MacBook Pro giving you major problems or won’t turn on? Logic boards fail on MacBooks quite frequently. We repair a lot of logic boards, saving our customers a lot of money. Especially when Apple’s Genius Bar wants to charge upwards to over $1,000 to replace it instead of fixing it. If you think you have a strange or specialty issue that needs professional analysis, we are always happy to be of assistance.

Need a new computer? We sell new and used desktop and laptop computers as well as all-in-ones. We also custom build computers tailored to your exact needs. We’ve been building computers since 2001. We know the market and the technology very well. Because of our experience, we can truthfully future-proof your machine to perform and even last into 10 years or more while still maintaining its relevance.

Come by and see me. Our shop in Mandeville, LA is easy to find. We’re in the Brookside Office Park Suite 11.

Anthony Stowe - Computer Technician & Owner Future Speed PC
Anthony Stowe
Owner • Computer Technician

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