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Buying a computer off the shelf from a local big box retailer is not always the best solution for everyone. If your work or entertainment demands higher performance from your computer, chances are you’ll be a great candidate for a custom built computer system. Whether you’re into video production, 3D rendering (CAD), gaming, or using software that requires more RAM, video memory, and high-speed computer performance, you will be much happier investing in a custom built computer.

Future Speed PC can help you build the perfect, high-performance computer system.

Start With The Best Computer Parts

Build With The Best Components & You'll Get The Best Custom Computer

We do not build with low budget or cheap parts. Only the best on the market is used to insure future-proofing your machine and reliability. This saves a lot of money in the long-term and prevents costly repairs or major, unnecessary critical component replacements in the future due to changing technology.

How We Build Computers

We’ve been building computers since 2001. From small custom builds to large, multi-monitor production systems, our experience in planning, building, and configuring custom built computers will insure that you get the very best. We take time to ask you important questions and we’re always happy to answer any questions you have throughout the building process.


Our master builder will talk with you and ask you questions to help determine the requirements of your custom computer build. This important planning step will ensure your parts are compatible and you’ll be able to achieve the highest performance in a long-lasting computer system.


After determining the best peripherals, hardware, and components for your build, we will gather your parts; ordering parts from premium sources if required. Once your parts are in the hands of our technician, we will immediately begin to build your computer system and test all components.


Once your custom built computer is complete, our computer technician will install corresponding software and complete load-tests on your system to ensure maximum performance. Lastly, we’ll show you the completed system and answer any of your questions regarding the build.

What Mandeville Customers Are Saying...

Love this place! Anthony Stowe is so professional - we've used him at least 4 or 5 times, even when he was working out of his house. Very professional, fast to respond and give a quote. He won't ask you to spend money on anything that isn't necessary.

Barb Borries


Just called for an estimate on some wiring. Ol boi was super kind and professional. He also gave me awesome pricing and advise, this shop is grade A. Give them your business if you can, they deserve it.

Joey Haywood


We've been using Future Speed for over 3 years for all of our Computer needs. Anthony is very knowledgeable about current technology, and he's honest. His prices are fair and I'd recommend his services for all computer and tech needs.

Nicole Frosch


Anthony got right back to me, came to my apt. and got me back up and running . Now he's got a a shop and I had another issue , I dropped by and he got me fixed up on the spot. What more could I ask for?

John Autin


I'm a business owner. One of our computer hard drives - a critical one - just stopped. The hard drive just died. Anthony recovered our data and saved the day! Anthony is very knowledgeable and reliable. I highly recommend.

Microchip ID


Anthony Stowe - PC/MAC Repairman

Future-Proof Your PC

Make Smart Repairs & Upgrades

With the rapid advancements in technology, the computer and hardware that you purchased even a year ago has most likely been replaced by newer, more improved versions. Typically, computers that are sold in retail stores are assembled months (sometimes years) before they appear on the shelves for purchase. This means that you’ll always be buying a computer made with components that are one to two generations behind or that need updates right of out the box.

For the average computer user, the retail big box stores may be an okay computer. However, for computer users that depend heavily on their computer for their career, media production, advanced office computing, or for gaming, they will need the highest performance computer on the market. These high-demanding computers need to include only the latest in processors, RAM, video cards, and components.

Building with only the best and latest components is not the cheapest way to buy a computer. Often times, these custom built computers require an investment up front, but the payoff comes in the long-run as you will get better performance, extended computer life, and increased productivity – which is nearly priceless!

In conclusion, you can see that a custom built computer isn’t for everyone. But for those computer users that need to push more performance for gamers, graphic design, video production, or demanding office computation, a custom pc is often the best investment.

Future Speed PC is dedicated to building using only the top-of-the-line parts. Our custom built computers and workstations are real work horses! You’ll get the best performance and nothing from a retail store could touch the speed of our custom builds.

Come by and see me. Our shop in Mandeville, LA is easy to find. We’re in the Brookside Office Park Suite 11.

Anthony Stowe - Computer Technician & Owner Future Speed PC
Anthony Stowe
Owner • Computer Technician

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